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Are you feeling overwhelmed by change?
Do you wish you had more confidence and were able to take risks?
Are you ready to let go of self-defeating behaviors and beliefs?
Do you want more intimacy and meaning in your relationships?
Do you find yourself wanting to make a change, but unsure of where to begin?
Are you suffering from depression or anxiety?
Have you ever considered therapy?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, psychotherapy can help.


Couples Therapy is my specialty.

I believe that we all have the capacity for emotional well-being and satisfying relationships. Sometimes, though, we need outside support and guidance to help us overcome barriers that stand in the way of a fulfilling life. Taking a compassionate and collaborative approach, I treat individuals and couples facing a range of challenges, including:
      Marriage and Relationship issues
      Couples in recovery
      Issues specific to LGBTQ individuals and couples
      Depression and anxiety
      Stress related disorders
      Life transitions
      Grief and loss
      Aging and care giving

Please take some time to read about me and my psychotherapy practice. Hopefully, the information on this site will answer some of your questions. However, the best way to know if you want to work with me would be to schedule a consultation session. Currently, all sessions are virtual, on Zoom. I am confident that in that first meeting you will get a sense of whether we would be a good match. Feeling comfortable with your therapist is an important beginning to the work ahead.

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