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• Marriage and Relationship Counseling

As relationships change and evolve it is not uncommon to find ourselves stuck in a place of conflict or distance, losing the positive emotional connection we once had. We may find ourselves feeling misunderstood, angry, alone and helpless to find a way back to the positive feelings we once had.

One of the tools I have found most helpful in working with couples is the Intentional Dialogue. It is the foundation of Imago Relationship Therapy of which I am a trained and certified practitioner. With this tool and other related approaches, I can teach and have couples experience effective communication, which is essential to restoring connection and transforming conflict into growth. We like to say, conflict is growth waiting to happen!

• Individual Psychotherapy

My approach is eclectic and interactive. I offer a range of services that are uniquely tailored for each individual. In some cases treatment will be short and time limited, in other cases we may agree to have a more open ended process.

I view things holistically, taking into consideration all of the factors that help to shape who we are in the world – family of origin, current relationships, support network, sources of stress, environment, culture and ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental health and medical history, trauma history, nutrition and substance use, physical activity, work life and any other issues that the client brings in to explore.

Growth happens in an atmosphere of warmth, humor, and non-judgemental support. I create a safe atmosphere in which to explore the barriers to personal fulfillment, and to gently challenge and assist people in developing a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

• Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  Maintaining the Balance

We all experience stress, but over time it can take its toll physically and emotionally. In individual and/or group sessions I provide education and facilitate practice in the use of mindfulness meditation to help reduce the pain, anxiety and depressive symptoms that often limit the way we live our lives. Numerous studies have shown that these approaches positively impact people's health and strengthen their ability to cope with illness or stressful situations, and maintain balance in their lives.

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